4 Luxury Upgrades for Your Manchester Home

4 Luxury Upgrades for Your Manchester Home

  • The Corrado Team
  • 05/3/22

When looking into home remodels, there are many ways to upgrade Manchester luxury homes. From small DIY projects to larger investments, you want to put the thought and effort into upgrades that provide you with the highest level of comfort. This list details several options for luxury upgrades that will elevate the appeal and residential experience of your home.

1. Outdoor living space

A natural extension of the interior of your home is your outdoor living space. Your backyard could just be an exterior, or you could upgrade it into a luxurious getaway perfect for hosting guests or relaxing on the weekends. One way to turn your backyard from an uninspired space to a luxurious extension of your living room is to lean into tropical and exotic themes. Your backyard can be a mini-vacation every time you step out your back door.

Start by blocking off separate sections of your backyard with different textures across the ground. A solid concrete floor can work for a grill and outdoor kitchen area. Sand can be used to create a corner beach getaway featuring a hammock and umbrella. Additionally, strategically placing outdoor rugs can add an appealing pop of color and texture to any patio space.

Once you have outdoor sections blocked, you can determine the use of each space. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for cooking a small meal or hosting a party of guests. Near that should be a lounging area, whether it’s an outdoor dining table and chairs beneath a cozy pergola with curtains and soft lighting or a set of Adirondack chairs surrounding a fire pit for relaxing late into the night.

Plants will turn any outdoor living space into a lush, tropical vacation spot. Choose large, leafy greenery to create the feeling of a Caribbean getaway. If the plants you choose need a large amount of heat and sun, you will need to bring them in each winter to keep them safe from harsh winter weather. Use flowers to add different colors and textures throughout your spaces, mix different types and varieties to add visual interest, or choose one specific type of flower to cultivate a cohesive, monochromatic look for your Manchester real estate.

2. Smart kitchen

In 2022, Manchester luxury homes are due for smart kitchen upgrades. There is any number of appliance and technology updates that add ease and luxury to your piece of Manchester real estate. Whether you want to start small or invest in a kitchen fully integrated with smart appliances, there are a wide variety of options to choose from.

A small and relatively inexpensive kitchen addition is a smart thermometer. This is a great way to enter the smart appliance world without investing a large amount of money. This device can use bluetooth to automatically send temperature readings to your phone and will often have multiple meat probes so you can keep an eye on multiple items at once. Once you realize the amount of time and energy you save with this small smart investment, you will be ready to look into the larger upgrades.

A smart refrigerator will be the first large-scale upgrade you will want in your kitchen. With sleek, modern designs, smart refrigerators can add a significant amount of ease and hands-free use to your kitchen. They can connect to your phone so you can monitor and control functions, and some are even compatible with virtual assistants and can be controlled by using your voice. Some smart refrigerators use the barcodes of products in their fridge to keep track of expiration dates and monitor inventory. Other smart refrigerators have touch screens that serve as a central location for family calendars, music streaming, and recipes.

A smart oven is another luxury upgrade you won’t want to live without. By connecting to the internet, it will be able to notify you when it is finished preheating or if you leave your house and accidentally leave it on. Built-in compatibility with virtual assistants will allow you to control some range functions using your voice. A few brands even come with remote diagnostics. You won’t have to immediately call in a repair person – the oven itself will be able to research and diagnose potential problems.

3. Butler’s pantry

One feature which will increase the comfort and ease of living in Manchester luxury homes this year is the installation of a butler’s pantry. Commonly seen centuries ago for families with butler service, these pantries are having a resurgence in popularity. Over the last couple of years, as families begin to use their kitchens in different ways and gather in the space more frequently, people are viewing additional kitchen space as a necessary luxury addition.

A butler’s pantry adds a room off of your kitchen, which can be used for many different tasks. These can be any size, but the larger they are, the more use they can serve. Used for food prep and just to keep messy tasks out of the kitchen, a butler’s pantry is a must-have for busy families.

There are several features you will want to include in your new butler’s pantry. Ample counter space for working and food prep, as well as plenty of storage, will keep bulky appliances and kitchenware out of the way. Electric outlets and good lighting will also ensure the space is easily used as an extension of your kitchen. Additional upgrades could include a wine-storage space and an additional sink for easy clean-up after food prep.

4. Grand entryway

An upgrade that will elevate the sophistication and luxury of your Manchester real estate is the addition of a grand entryway. The entrance to your home is critical to the first impression your guests make as they enter your home. Whether you want to provide a warm, cozy entrance for guests to store their coats and shoes or are in need of larger storage space for your family’s items, an upgraded entryway is a desirable addition you won’t want to pass up. Adding rugs, wall hooks, cabinet space, and welcoming plants are easy ways to enhance the ambiance of your entryway. You can invest more into a grand entryway remodel by increasing the square footage or adding a top-of-the-line door and windows.

Buying or selling Manchester real estate?

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