4 Tips for Staging Your South Windsor Home to Sell

4 Tips for Staging Your South Windsor Home to Sell

  • The Corrado Team
  • 04/8/22

Those ready to list a home for sale in South Windsor, CT, need to ensure that they are showing off their home’s best assets to make it stand out from other South Windsor real estate. House staging is the best way to give potential buyers a great first impression to allow them to see themselves living in the home.

You will need to do several things to ensure that you are staging your home for a successful sale. When you stage your house properly, it will appeal to a larger population of homebuyers and sell for a higher price. Follow these tips when you’re ready to begin the staging process.


The first thing you’ll need to do when staging your home is to declutter. Decluttering will make your home seem larger and give potential homebuyers the chance to see themselves living in the home. This is the time to look at what you have in your home and remove any outdated items or items that distract from the house itself. You will want to remove any antiques, personal mementos like photos and artwork, and any furniture or décor that distracts from your home’s architecture or picturesque views.

An additional place you will want to declutter is your countertops. Decluttering countertops in the kitchen will make it look cleaner and more open. Any small appliances should go into a closed cabinet. Kitchen décor should be packed away, and the only things left on the countertops should be minimal accent pieces, like a vase with flowers or visually appealing canisters with pasta or beans.

Your closets are also a space you will want to consider decluttering. When looking at South Windsor real estate, potential homebuyers will take note of the storage space available. When your closet is cluttered, it seems smaller and not be as appealing to potential buyers. Keep your essentials out and accessible, but pack the rest away in anticipation of your move.

Show off usable space

Even if you are not currently using your space to its fullest potential, be sure that potential homebuyers can visualize how to utilize the space within your house. See to it that each room demonstrates a clear and desirable purpose.

Maybe you have a guest bedroom currently used for storage. Don’t show that to potential buyers! Even if it’s a small room, show off as much of the space as possible. Remove excess furniture and leave only guest-room necessities, such as the bed, two nightstands, and perhaps a mirror, to make the room appear larger.

Don’t forget about your finished basement as you are staging, either. A finished basement is an extension of upstairs living and has potential all on its own. Make the most of the space by showing off its potential as a game room, movie room, home gym, or even an office space. If there is a separate laundry space in the basement, ensure that you are showing it off, as a separate laundry space can be a big selling point for potential buyers.

Consider the details

While the furniture style and décor of houses for sale in South Windsor are important to showcase your home to potential buyers, you don’t want to forget the small details along the way. After buying a house, the new owner will not want to invest the time and money into repairs and updates.

Improving lighting can go a long way to showing off the full potential of each room in your house. Assess your natural lighting options. Remove furniture that covers any large windows with great lighting. Add different types of lighting to each room depending on the use, such as ambient or accent lighting in a living room and task lighting in an office.

Adding a fresh coat of paint can also improve the look and feel of each room. Use warm, neutral tones to give each room a fresh, clean look. Repainting rooms will ensure that potential homebuyers see the space as move-in ready and not as a purchase that will need an investment toward maintenance and touch-ups when they move in.

Another small detail easily overlooked is the smell of your home. After living in a home for some time, it is easy to become “nose blind.” You won’t necessarily notice any staleness or mustiness, but potential homebuyers will. You can choose citrus, vanilla, or even herbs, depending on the atmosphere you want to provide in each room. Different scents will leave potential buyers with an elevated experience when touring your home.

Hire professionals

There are a lot of details to consider when preparing houses for sale in South Windsor, Connecticut. This is a great time to consider hiring professional stagers. You can choose a professional staging company with a wide variety of décor and furniture to help your house stand out from other South Windsor real estate options.

Professional stagers will be able to look at the spaces within your home and decide what will make the house itself stand out and what items will lead potential homebuyers on a seamless journey throughout your home. There will be an upfront cost for professional staging, but it will be worth the investment. A well-staged home will ensure that potential homebuyers see the value in your property, leading to you getting the highest amount possible out of the sale.

Now that your home is properly staged and ready to sell, you will want to make sure you have the best team by your side. Reach out to one of the South Windsor real estate experts on The Julie Corrado Team for expert assistance and advice.

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